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Department of Anatomy

Year of establishment: 1960

The department has adequately equipped research laboratories and provides facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate training. Anatomy museum is the prize possession of the department. A radiology museum, an annexe of the main museum, was developed later in the new building. Several WHO consultants have been actively associated with the anatomy department and contributed several suggestions for improving research activities and integrated teaching. They include Prof. WH Kinsley, Director of Institute of Biology & Medicine and Ex-Chairman of Anatomy, Michigan State University, USA, Dr. RCGrenell, Medical School, Baltimore, USA, Prof. Hamori (Romania), Prof. Mehdi Hasan (AMU, Aligarh) and Prof. Reinhard Andreesan (Germany). Several research projects are being conducted in areas like Teratology, Anthropometry, Cytogenetics and Neuro-Anatomy. The departmental laboratory offers karyotyping for genetic disorders.

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